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Year 110 Batting Leaders (before games of day 3-8)

1.Tybalt (STR)0.431
2.R Cash (MTG)0.380
3.M von Richthofen (CAN)0.375
4.U Bolt (CPT)0.367
Lord of Terror (ARK)0.367
6.M Rambeau (LAL)0.365
7.D Vincentio (STR)0.363
8.R Pilatus (SEA)0.360
Romeo (STR)0.360
10.Carlos Vela (KRA)0.355
On-Base %
1.Tybalt (STR)0.495
2.D Champ (LAL)0.475
3.B Witherbloom (MTG)0.451
4.M von Richthofen (CAN)0.442
5.St Mark (VAT)0.440
6.W Maximoff (LAL)0.427
7.Juliet (STR)0.426
8.Rosa (INT)0.424
Imhotep (APX)0.424
10.C Oakley (BAL)0.423
Slugging %
1.M von Richthofen (CAN)0.708
2.Cesc (KRA)0.634
3.Kozilek (MTG)0.629
4.Nug (ARK)0.600
5.Tybalt (STR)0.599
6.M Hussey (SJS)0.583
7.U Bolt (CPT)0.582
8.M Mental (SJS)0.576
9.E Andre (LAL-TAT)0.571
10.JT Bo (VAT-TAT)0.570
1.M von Richthofen (CAN)1.150
2.Tybalt (STR)1.094
3.Nug (ARK)1.013
4.B Witherbloom (MTG)1.004
5.M Mental (SJS)0.996
6.U Bolt (CPT)0.994
7.D Champ (LAL)0.989
8.Kozilek (MTG)0.978
W Maximoff (LAL)0.978
10.B King (BAL)0.962
Win Probability Added
1.M von Richthofen (CAN)2.752
2.Tybalt (STR)2.506
3.Kozilek (MTG)2.240
4.B Witherbloom (MTG)2.155
5.Alexis (KRA)1.990
6.C Smulders (LAL)1.896
7.D Champ (LAL)1.878
8.Imhotep (APX)1.825
9.Eminem (CPT)1.752
10.D Torres (TAT)1.505
Win Shares
1.M von Richthofen (CAN)4.02
2.W Maximoff (LAL)3.86
3.Nug (ARK)3.66
4.B Witherbloom (MTG)3.65
5.Tybalt (STR)3.37
6.S Tennant (MIL)3.20
7.U Bolt (CPT)3.14
8.R Pilatus (SEA)2.96
Mnomquah's Mate (CPT)2.96
10.Rosa (INT)2.94
Offensive Runs Above Position
1.M von Richthofen (CAN)26.7
2.B Witherbloom (MTG)20.1
3.Tybalt (STR)17.9
4.W Maximoff (LAL)17.5
5.Nug (ARK)15.2
6.D Champ (LAL)14.9
7.Cesc (KRA)13.6
8.U Bolt (CPT)12.6
9.B King (BAL)11.8
10.2 with11.0
Runs Above Position
1.W Maximoff (LAL)26.2
2.M von Richthofen (CAN)25.1
3.Nug (ARK)24.8
4.Tybalt (STR)21.0
5.B Witherbloom (MTG)19.7
6.D Vincentio (STR)18.3
7.Mnomquah's Mate (CPT)18.0
8.S Tennant (MIL)16.9
D Champ (LAL)16.9
Rosa (INT)16.9
Games Played
1.Kozilek (MTG)51
2.T Lasso (LPM)50
C Elbow (STR)50
A Curtiss (MIL)50
6.9 with49
1.Kozilek (MTG)229
2.JT Bo (VAT-TAT)214
3.C Elbow (STR)206
4.T Lasso (LPM)203
R Pilatus (SEA)203
Mac M (CPT)203
7.Ineni (APX)202
8.M Spitz (TAT)200
Z Tibby (MIL)200
P Jackson (BAL)200
Plate Appearances
1.C Elbow (STR)238
2.Kozilek (MTG)232
3.L Kravitz (TAT)224
B Witherbloom (MTG)224
5.A Curtiss (MIL)222
6.JT Bo (VAT-TAT)221
7.K Clarkson (KRA)218
8.R Pilatus (SEA)216
9.4 with215
Runs Scored
1.W Maximoff (LAL)52
2.M von Richthofen (CAN)41
3.Nug (ARK)40
Kozilek (MTG)40
5.C Elbow (STR)37
6.M Hussey (SJS)36
Tybalt (STR)36
8.C Ward (BAL)35
9.L Kravitz (TAT)34
Romeo (STR)34
1.Kozilek (MTG)78
2.R Pilatus (SEA)73
3.Tybalt (STR)72
M von Richthofen (CAN)72
5.S Tennant (MIL)66
C Ward (BAL)66
M Rambeau (LAL)66
W Maximoff (LAL)66
9.5 with65
Line Drives
1.S Tennant (MIL)70
2.R Pilatus (SEA)66
3.Alexis (KRA)48
4.D Matthews (MIL)47
5.F Daniels (STR)45
6.IV Seacat (SJS)44
7.C Boycott (LIS)42
8.Achilles (STR)40
9.6 with39
1.D Champ (LAL)3.60
P Pablo (CPT)3.60
3.hudabeauty (LAL)3.54
4.Eupalinos (APX)3.52
5.L Pimpin (SJS)3.49
6.SypherPK (INT)3.47
7.Imhotep (APX)3.46
E Haim (SEA)3.46
9.T Bayes (LIS)3.44
10.C Oakley (BAL)3.42
Total Bases
1.Kozilek (MTG)144
2.M von Richthofen (CAN)136
3.JT Bo (VAT-TAT)122
4.Cesc (KRA)111
5.M Hussey (SJS)105
MA Rothschild (KRA-TAT)105
Mac M (CPT)105
8.T Lasso (LPM)104
9.W Maximoff (LAL)103
10.2 with101
1.D Vincentio (STR)17
2.St Felix IV (VAT)16
Eddie the Eagle (LAL)16
To Swift (PAD)16
5.Cesc (KRA)15
6.B Springsteen (STR)14
Togo (CAN)14
D Torres (TAT)14
9.4 with13
1.Kozilek (MTG)5
2.M Hussey (SJS)4
Angelo (STR)4
Lord of Terror (ARK)4
Alexis (KRA)4
6.7 with3
Home Runs
1.Kozilek (MTG)16
M von Richthofen (CAN)16
4.Cesc (KRA)15
5.B Witherbloom (MTG)12
6.Nug (ARK)11
Eminem (CPT)11
Mac M (CPT)11
The Hog (ARK)11
Mnomquah's Mate (CPT)11
1.JT Bo (VAT-TAT)54
2.Kozilek (MTG)44
3.L Kravitz (TAT)42
4.M Rambeau (LAL)41
5.P Jackson (BAL)39
Angelo (STR)39
7.Eminem (CPT)38
A Di Maria (KRA)38
9.M von Richthofen (CAN)37
10.2 with34
1.B Witherbloom (MTG)43
C Oakley (BAL)43
3.M Tin (SJS)40
G Rice (BAL)40
5.D Champ (LAL)34
6.A Curtiss (MIL)33
7.W Frazier (BAL)32
8.C Elbow (STR)30
Juliet (STR)30
10.3 with29
Stolen Bases
1.W Maximoff (LAL)33
2.Tybalt (STR)18
3.R Cash (MTG)17
Juliet (STR)17
5.Nug (ARK)14
S Descarte (MTG)14
7.Rosa (INT)12
M Rambeau (LAL)12
Monarch of the Night (ARK)12
10.2 with11
Stolen Base %
1.Juliet (STR)0.850
2.W Maximoff (LAL)0.825
3.Nug (ARK)0.824
4.S Descarte (MTG)0.778
5.R Cash (MTG)0.739
6.M Rambeau (LAL)0.706
7.Rosa (INT)0.667
Monarch of the Night (ARK)0.667
9.C Ward (BAL)0.647
P Sinclair (SEA)0.647
1.R Pilatus (SEA)59
2.Tybalt (STR)55
3.C Ward (BAL)53
4.I Chesterton (LPM)52
R Cash (MTG)52
6.Kozilek (MTG)49
7.M Rambeau (LAL)48
Lord of Terror (ARK)48
W Maximoff (LAL)48
10.3 with47
Times on Base
1.B Witherbloom (MTG)101
2.M von Richthofen (CAN)95
3.Tybalt (STR)93
4.W Maximoff (LAL)90
5.St Mark (VAT)88
C Elbow (STR)88
7.R Pilatus (SEA)86
D Champ (LAL)86
9.L Kravitz (TAT)84
C Ward (BAL)84
Extra-Base Hits
1.Cesc (KRA)32
2.M von Richthofen (CAN)30
3.Kozilek (MTG)29
4.Eddie the Eagle (LAL)25
5.Mac M (CPT)24
7.M Hussey (SJS)23
Togo (CAN)23
9.B Springsteen (STR)22
10.5 with21
Isolated Power
1.Cesc (KRA)0.365
2.M von Richthofen (CAN)0.333
3.Kozilek (MTG)0.288
4.Nug (ARK)0.277
5.JT Bo (VAT-TAT)0.271
6.The Hog (ARK)0.262
7.Eminem (CPT)0.261
M Hussey (SJS)0.261
9.R Quimby (PAD)0.247
10.Mnomquah's Mate (CPT)0.245
Avg on Balls in Play
1.R Cash (MTG)0.477
2.Tybalt (STR)0.475
3.Lord of Terror (ARK)0.429
4.R Pilatus (SEA)0.420
5.MA Rothschild (KRA-TAT)0.418
6.Romeo (STR)0.404
7.M Mental (SJS)0.393
8.W Maximoff (LAL)0.387
9.St Mark (VAT)0.385
10.D Vincentio (STR)0.382
Game-winning RBI
1.Cesc (KRA)8
2.A Di Maria (KRA)7
A Curtiss (MIL)7
C Smulders (LAL)7
5.8 with6

Minimum 3.1 plate appearances per team game needed to qualify for hitting rate stats
Italics = adjusted stats for unqualified players

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